Item FP19 – $50 gift card for Imo’s Pizza anywhere

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Item FP19 - $50 gift card for Imo's Pizza anywhere
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Who doesn't love our hometown pizza company, Imo's.  This item is for TWO $25 gift cards (that's $50 worth for those of you who are math challenged) for use at any Imo's Pizza place in the region.  What a great Christmas present for your kid or grandkid.  Or, use it yourself or give to your mom or pop.  You deserve a great pizza now and again. We have a TOTAL of FIVE of these items, ie, we have 10, $25 gift cards, 2 per item.  So, if you love Imo's like I do, you can bid on FP17, FP18, FP19, FP20 and/or FP21 - which one is the best bargain?