Auction Info and Rules


Our 2023 Internet Auction boasts over 160 items with expectations that more will be added.  The items are posted and bids will be accepted beginning at 10:00 am, Thursday, November 23, 2023 (Thanksgiving Day).

Bidders must register to bid and once registered, may bid on items in the auction.  In addition, bidders may email bids on any item to the eAuction director who will compare the bid with the current high bid.  Each bidder will be advised as to whether their bid is the new high bid or is below the current high bid.  If a new high bid is offered, the previous high bidder will also be notified by email.   The auction will end at 5:00 PM, December 3rd.

All high bidders are requested to provide payment in full for all winning items within 5 days of the bid closing.  Once payment is received, winning bidders will be provided with their item.

eAuction and Silent Auction Rules

  1. All items for auction must be pledged or received by November 20th, unless approved by the eAuction Director.  Items received for the auction may be accepted or rejected by the Auction committee.  The auction committee has the right to package or combine auction items in whatever way they deem appropriate to maximize bids.  The auction committee has the right to establish a starting bid and a differential bid (the minimum amount that the new bidder must be above the current bid) for all auction items and to modify those amounts as they deem fit.
  2. All bids for auction items must be approved by the Auction committee.  The auction committee must approve or reject a bid within 24 hours of receiving the bid.  Bids may be rejected for any reason.
  3. All items up for auction will be advertised for the eAuction beginning at 10:00am, on the day the auction opens or as soon thereafter as possible.  Emails will be sent to those on the eAuction email list informing them of all auction items up for bid.  Bidders will have several ways to place a bid.  Anyone who registers, may bid.
    1. Bidders may register to bid on line and submit a bid on the auction site.
    2. Bidders may place a bid by replying to the email or by sending an email enumerating the auction item  and the amount of the bid(s).
    3. Bidders may place a bid by sending an email from this Racquet Ruckus Foundation, eAuction website.
    4. Bidders may place a bid by regular mail.
    5. Bidders may place a bid in person, including during the silent auction phase on the day of the tournament.
  4. Bidders have the right to ask questions regarding the items from the auction committee.  If necessary, bidders may view items up for auction at the discretion of the auction committee at a mutually agreeable time and place.
  5. All bidders must stipulate that they understand the rules and that they are obligated to pay for any items won in full within 10 days of the end of the auction.  All bidders must provide their name, mailing address, email address and phone number to be eligible to place a bid.
  6. Whenever a bid is received, and within 24 hours of receiving the bid, the auction committee will evaluate the bid, including the bidders compliance with (5.) above, and compare the bid against the current bid.  If the new bid is equal to or below the existing bid, the bidder will be advised by email that they are not the current high bid and the amount of the current high bid.  If the new bidder’s bid is higher than the current bid, by at least the respective differential amount, all bidders for the item, including the new bidder, will be notified of the amount of the new high bid.
  7. The Auction committee will automatically update the RRF Auction web page to show the current high bid and to relay any answers to any questions bidders may have regarding the item.  The Auction committee is under no obligation to keep the website up to date within any certain time frame.
  8. The Auction committee may, at its discretion, provide a Buy It Now price for any or all auction items.  Any bidder who places a bid at or above the Buy It Now price will automatically and immediately win the item.  Payment for the item must be made within 72 hours of submitting the bid.
  9. The Auction committee may, at its discretion, establish a reserve for an auction item.  If a reserve is established, the winning bid must be at or above the reserve in order to win the item.
  10. The Auction Committee must receive full payment for final bid amounts within 10 days of the bid closing.  Any item that has not been paid for within 10 days will be offered to the next highest bidder at that person’s bid, and so on down the list until someone accepts the item at their highest bid