Item FM 1 – $25 Gift Card for Nachomama’s Tex-Mex in Rock Hill

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Item FM 1 - $25 Gift Card for Nachomama's Tex-Mex in Rock Hill
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This item is for a $25 gift card at what might be the most authentic Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurant in St. Louis.  Have you been to Nachomama's on Mancester Road in Rock Hill?  This expires on July 1, 2020. A recent review on TripAdvisor:
We just loved the food, the salsa and avocado dips accompany the tortilla chips. We ordered salad and the quesadillas filled with cheese and chicken with a dollop of cream cheese to add that extra punch. Self service but the staff are always helpful in recommending a dish if you are confused with choosing the right dish. The bar is well stocked. The place wears a typical Mexican shanty look with plastic sheets emulating glass window panes lending it an authentic look. Food is unquestionably good warranting repeat visits.