Item FG 2 – $25 Gift Card to The Country Club in Town and Country

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Item FG 2 - $25 Gift Card to The Country Club in Town and Country
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This item is for one, $25 gift card to a great West County bar and grill - The Country Club in the Lamp and Lantern Village near the intersection of Hwy 141 and Clayton Road.  Famous for their great burgers and large TV's, you can enjoy great food and great service inside or outside.  I have two of these so if you want both, bid on both - FG 1 and 2.  This item has no expiration date.  A recent Yelp reviewer says: "I looove this place.  For the type of place it is, it's totally perfect.  The best time to go here is on a cold night (and we have been here once a week since it started getting cold outside).  It's a small bar/grill with lots of wood & brick, giving everything a very warm and cozy feel.  They have a large fireplace with plenty of fireside tables around it.  The customers are mostly regulars and everyone has always been super nice & friendly, despite being located in the middle of West County a-hole central.   We always just get burgers and fries, which are nothing spectacular but done right.  The burgers are always juicy and cooked perfectly, and the fries are hot and fresh, crispy on the outside and with just the right amount of salt.  I did stray from my usual burger once and got a salmon club, which was delicious, although the ciabatta was a little tough for the delicate fish.  However, it was a special and not a regular menu item."